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Wringing my hands, as the university hangs us all out to dry

Maybe I’m a concerned parent sometimes. But this time, I’m just finding the situation a little funny and weird at the same time.

Last weekend, during Parents’ Weekend at the university, I stepped out of my kid’s dorm room to use the facilities (so to speak).

That’s where the trouble began – if you can even call it that.

I’m a habitual hand washer. (Shouldn’t everyone be a hand washer?) As I scrubbed my soapy palms together, I looked up and saw this sign.

Naturally, I began looking around for the paper towel dispenser. But this was all I found.


Looks like a little false advertising to me …

I’m not even complaining that the college couldn’t spring for real paper towels – now that they hold most of my money.

Just thinkin’ something’s a little amiss here.
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