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No offense, Vegan pals. But Facebook is funny.

Facebook can be funny – probably without meaning to be. Look what I found today. Take a look at the page for this vegan restaurant. 

(Honestly, you could look at the Facebook page for any restaurant of any kind in any city and find the same thing. But it might not be so funny.)

I’d be willing to bet this is a pretty good eating establishment, based on the number of likes it has and the positive reviews that are displayed on the page.

Still, look in the review box. Do you see what Facebook suggests?

Here’s the small print:

Write a review. Example: This place is really good. I had the pork sandwich. The bread was perfectly toasted, the meat was flavored …

Um, really? Was that tofu pork?

I have no bones to pick with vegans, vegetarians, kosher adherents, gluten-free folks, or anyone else with dietary specializations. Hey, I have a few nutritional sensitivities, and plenty of people make room for me in those areas.

I get it.

But I was intrigued and entertained by Facebook’s obvious gaffe.

I had to look at a couple of kosher restaurants’ Facebook pages too. Know what I found? You guessed it.

I know. It’s boilerplate copy.

But if you go, don’t ask for the pork sandwich. Wouldn’t be prudent.

Facebook screenshot
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