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O is for “Objective Opinion” - Oxymorons from A to Z

O is for “Objective Opinion” - Oxymorons from A to Z

Want to offer an objective opinion? We object.

Can an impression be impartial? Would an assumption be without angle? Can a point of view arise without a point?

It’s inconceivable.

And yet, we ask people for their objective opinions all the time. In a conflict, or perhaps a moment of indecision, we might tap someone outside the circle to weigh in on the subject. We call that an objective opinion. But is it?

What’s an oxymoron?

Basically, an oxymoron is a phrase that seems contradictory or incongruous. Taken literally, the words do not make sense. Often, oxymorons find their way into popular usage, becoming cultural catchwords or frequently used idioms.

Many of these curious wordings strike us as delightfully amiss. Besides, what sort of whimsical word is “oxymoron”?

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Oxymorons from A to Z
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  1. Oh that "unbiased" opinion, eh? Talk about an oxymoron! I've done this so often I've lost count. Blush.