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M is for “Minor Miracle” - Oxymorons from A to Z

M is for “Minor Miracle” - Oxymorons from A to Z

Color us cynical … every ever-loving one of us. How we downplay things we cannot explain.

Do you believe in miracles?

Miracles are marvelous phenomena that defy all explanation. There’s nothing minor about miracles at all. If there were, they would no longer be miraculous.

Miracles are monstrous and magnificent. When the incurable is cured, it’s a miracle. When the impossible occurs, it’s miraculous. When wondrous things happen, so that we cannot believe what we have seen, we know we’ve seen miracles.

Minor miracles are oxymoronic.

Sure, it’s important to recognize smaller blessings and sweet serendipity. But let’s save the “M” word for stuff that really deserves it.

Maybe that’s a miracle in itself.

What’s an oxymoron?

Basically, an oxymoron is a phrase that seems contradictory or incongruous. Taken literally, the words do not make sense. Often, oxymorons find their way into popular usage, becoming cultural catchwords or frequently used idioms.

Many of these curious wordings strike us as delightfully amiss. Besides, what sort of whimsical word is “oxymoron”?

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 Jack-in-the-Box - 
A Surprise Party 
by John George Brown 
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  1. Fair enough, I guess a major miracle is also just a miracle. Which makes me think even the little miracles are huge... I can feel my brain trying to re-define miracle :)