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Just told my kid she could ignore the school’s ‘Homework Missing’ email

Looks like someone in the high school office didn’t get the memo. Seniors graduated over a week ago.

All year, the school’s automated alert system has fired out emails to warn parents about late and missing assignments, failing grades, truancy, and other academic or behavioral troubles.

We’ve counted our blessings to know we’ve missed out on most of this school-related fan mail. OK, we’ve seen a few missing assignment reports, but only because the system didn’t recognize excused absences and not-yet-filed homework and test grades.

Then it happened.

My kid went and graduated. In fact, the whopping majority of the senior class graduated right along with her.

Juniors, sophomores, and freshmen carried on – attending school for another week and a half.

As is often the case, a smattering of classes contained multi-aged students (in 9th through 12 grades). That meant seniors escaped early, as underclassmen continued classwork.

And the school’s parental notification system missed the boat. The week after graduation, scads of proud parents of the high school’s newest crop of alumni received “Missing Homework” emails.

Pretty sure no one’s gonna bother with those.

We’re already framing those sheepskins and thinking it’s a sure bet our kids have excused absences and homework exemptions for those post-commencement items.

In fact, although the school’s latest missive says my kid received a zero on a pre-calculus paper (assigned after graduation), I think it’s fair to say that’s a moot point. Yesterday, she registered for calculus at her chosen college.

So, it’s OK if the dog ate the homework, as long as the diploma is intact.

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  1. It’s good that the school’s automated alert system is doing its job real well. Having that kind of system is really helpful in informing the parents about everything related to their kids life in school. This is also what will update them on what their kids really need. Anyway, I’m glad that your kid graduated and received his diploma, although they received a “missing homework” alert after graduation. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing that, Linda! All the best to you!

    Kent Gregory @ Armature