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How do you want that flu shot?

Flu shots don’t hurt much – hardly at all. Or so they say. But this makes me wonder a bit.

What’s up with Walgreens and flu shots this time?

Who uses a hammer to administer flu shots? I thought the standard practice was a fine-gauge needle.

Seriously, I’d rather have the standard injection, rather than the Arm & Hammer variety to fend off the flu. Wouldn’t you?

And why would anyone want to BOGO with flu shots? Is it some sort of influenza prevention date night deal?

“Hey, baby. Let’s go get flu shots. Sure beats a movie.”


I got my flu shot at Target, as I have for the past few years. It didn’t even sting.

And don’t get us started on “Natures Bounty” – with or without an apostrophe.

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