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Merry Christmas in July Day!

No wonder our mailbox is bulging with promotional paperwork! The recycle bin is overflowing with colorful catalogs.

Summer may be in full swing, but today is Merry Christmas in July Day.

That means crafters are busily creating holiday handiwork. Gift shoppers are browsing in earnest. And direct mail marketers are frantically printing their fancy flyers.

Hold the phone!

Why are we thinking about Christmas in July?

It’s July 25th. Christmas comes in five short months, whether we’re ready or not. Boom! Santa will be slipping down that chimney before you can say, “Fill the sleigh, buddy.”

Shoppers, start your engines. You have 152 days until Christmas. Ho-ho-ho, and off you go!

Raise your hand, if you're already feeling the holiday spirit... or not.

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