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Who's insecure about security at the fair?

It just isn’t fair to be insecure at the fair, particularly with so much security on-hand.

But we might have been.

It wasn’t about the fact that street gang warfare apparently broke out at the same event last summer, just outside the main Midway.

It had nothing to do with the city mayor’s mugging, two years ago, by the fairgrounds gate through which we entered and exited.

Nope, our potential trepidation was much more recent than that.

OK, it wasn’t even the pressing crowd around us, pounding back microbrews, cream puffs, onion blossoms, and corn dogs to beat the band.

There we were, a foursome of friends, watching spit-shined draft horses prancing along in driving classes at the popular Midwestern state fair. The perfectly polished wagons rolled along in front of us, as the horses’ heavy harnesses jingled like those in a Currier & Ives holiday portrait might do in real-life.

Nothing scary happened that night, even with a standing-room-only crowd watching nearly 40 heavy horses lined up in the arena.

But it could have. 

And if it had, we might have looked to the on-site security staffers to protect us from possible harm.

Guess it's a good thing this particular guard, stationed near our seats, was well-prepared.

Take a closer look at her backpack. 

Yep, that's right. There's Tinker Bell, straight out of Neverland. 

Think she was packing heat in that thing … or pixie dust? See the drawstring? Maybe this watchful employee is quick on the draw, after all.

(That mini-backpack usually comes with notebooks and markers, so the owner likely has real drawing experience!)

OK, this kid was adorable, and I'm sure she did her job well. But what fun to see her unique accessories on the job.

Want your own Tinkerbell backpack?
Photos by Nickers and Ink
All rights reserved.

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