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Did the Olympics identify the Antichrist on the world court?

Antichrist theories tend to bounce around from time to time, but here’s one you’re gonna love – straight from the main court of the XXX Olympiad in London.

Isn’t that appropriate?

It’s XXX, for crying out loud!

Take a look.

Could Andy Murray, king of the heap in tennis, wear the despicable crown? He certainly toppled the darling of the court, Roger Federer. 

Throughout modern history, folks have served up many popular prospects as potential Antichrist figures. Some have crossed the line, so to speak, while others have not. Remember Mikhail Gorbachev, Ronald Reagan, Henry Kissinger, John Lennon, Alfred E. Neumann, and even Barney the Dinosaur?

 Whaddya think?

Do numbers lie?

Video Still
Olympic Tennis at London 2012
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