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Hairspray blamed for Wisconsin car crash

Pssst! Hairspray can be hazardous, particularly on the road.

The two cars were smashed, but the rear-ending driver’s hair must have looked fabulous.

Last night, at 6:18 p.m., Alane K. Franzen, of Freeport, Illinois, pulled up behind Jeffrey A. Hable, of Browntown, Wisconsin, in the northbound lane of a Clarno, Wisconsin, intersection. Hable was waiting to turn left.

That’s where things went south.

Franzen rear-ended Hable. The 38-year-old told Green County deputies a can of hairspray rolled under her brake pedal, preventing her from stopping in time.

We can only wonder why Franzen had a can of hairspray on the front seat of her car in the first place. Was she doing a quick touch-up on the way home or spiffing up for a night on the town? Or was she just out for a whirl?

Did her bangs look lovely, as she banged the other vehicle? Maybe not. After all, she couldn’t reach the hairspray. Remember? It fell on the floor!

Possibly, Franzen was just heading home from the drugstore, having purchased the hair care product.

Did Hable flip his wig, proverbially speaking, when Franzen clipped his car?

Perhaps such details do not matter now. Pursuing the possibilities would be like splitting hairs.

At least she wasn’t texting while driving.

Hable and Franzen were uninjured in the close shave, along with the passengers in Franzen’s vehicle. Drivers and passengers were all wearing seatbelts. Air bags remained locked.

Both cars sustained damage, but motorists drove their automobiles from the scene after the mishap.

Undoubtedly, Franzen found the incident disTRESSing. Still, she emerged unticketed from her brush with the law.

Does anyone else have this “Hairspray” song in his or her head right now?
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