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Mother's Day musings: Have you become your own mother?

This sounds like one of those hackneyed riddles. It makes me think of this one.

A woman looked at an old photo and remarked,

“Sisters and brothers
have I not,
But this girl’s mother
Is my mom’s begot.”

Who is the girl in the photo?

(Stumped? Read on. The answer appears at the end of this post.)

OK, that’s a little weird and funny. But it’s not the point of this Mother’s Day post.

I admit it. I have become my own mother.

Maybe you have too.

I often sound like my mom, especially with my own kids. I find myself repeating some of her favorite phrases. (Hey, they work.) 

Do you recognize any of these?

“Just try. You may surprise yourself.”
“Look again. You call that a clean kitchen?”
“As long as you do your best, that’s all we can ask.”
“I don’t want to tell you what to do, but if you asked me …”
“Don’t make me come down (or up) there.”
“Ask your dad.”
“You only play to an audience of one.”

Curiously, I’ve called my own kids by each other’s names more than once too. Maybe it’s hereditary. But they know, as my siblings and I know, that they are loved beyond their imaginations.

And (thank God) I’m even growing to look more and more like her. I’m glad. (She’s a looker, even as a great-grandmother.)

Happy Mother’s Day to all you who are mothers, all who have mothers, all who miss their mothers, and all who hope one day to become mothers. May this day offer you a sweet memory, a special blessing, and a few moments of peace.

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(The girl in the photo is the speaker’s daughter.)

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