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Who's got her hubby's ear?

It seems his hairstylist has his ear … perhaps more than his own wife.

Yes, you heard that right.

A certain middle-aged man (OK, let’s call him Fred.) went off to the gym Saturday morning, as he does every week. But this time was different.

You see, his wife (OK, let’s call her Greta.) was running her first-ever 5K race.

That may not sound like a big deal, except that Greta lives with a chronic, often disabling, and so-far incurable condition. (Let’s call it M.S. Wait. That’s exactly what it is.) Sometimes Greta can hardly muster the wherewithal to walk to her own mailbox.

So the 5K marks a pretty meaningful milestone for Greta. But she laced on her sneakers and did it.

Fred had no idea Greta was running a 5K.

When she returned home after the race, still sporting her running tee and race number tag, here’s what Fred said.

“Huh. My hairstylist was in the same race.”

End of conversation.

By the way, his hairstylist apparently claims to be an avid runner. And, no, she did not run with M.S.

Fred better start running now!

“5 – 4 – 3 – 2 ….”


Adapted from Scissors by MConnors - MorgueFile

Running Sneakers by CaryGrant - MorgueFile

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  1. Maybe she runs with scissors in both hands? Kind of like "Fred" seems wont to metaphorically do.

    1. Wouldn't the hairdresser have the scissors? (Sorry, gotta ask.)

    2. Yes, she is the "she" I meant. Instead of MS, she runs with scissors in a vain attempt to even out the level of intrepidity required.

  2. Good job Greta! Maybe Fred should get his wife to do his hair. He seems to listen better when there are sharp objects near his head. :p