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Spot-off weather report.

Phew! My homeward drive took longer than expected, as I piloted my vehicle through several highway construction zones in a total downpour that lasted for several minutes.

During the storm, I switched on the car radio, looking for a weather update. And I found one!

“We have a slight chance of rain this afternoon,” the meteorologist announced.

But I could barely hear him, over the sound of pelting rain on the roof of my car and the swishing of my windshield wipers.

Slight chance? I think I’ll take a rain check on that report.

Sounds like something’s a little slight, but it’s not the chance of wet weather around here today.

Maybe it’s time to start a tempest in someone’s teacup.

Hey, weatherman! Here’s a bolt from the blue.

I hate to rain on some professional’s proverbial parade, and I wouldn’t wanna steal his thunder. Still, let me throw caution to the wind.

And I'm no stormchaser, but I am pretty sure a total deluge equals 100 percent chance of precipitation.
Where do they find these guys, on Cloud Nine? Or are a few of them simply seven sheets to the wind?

Positively Pouring
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Rainy Windshield
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