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Sorry, Apple. Arctic temps did not overheat my iPhone

I just stepped indoors after spending a few hours doing some outdoor projects. The mercury never went above 20 degrees (F). And the windchill apparently has made the day feel like a sub-zero day.

After shrugging off my winter coat, I reached into my jeans pocket for my smart phone, which doesn’t seem to be so smart, after all.

Here’s what my iPhone screen said:

iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it.

Really, iPhone?

Somebody better get Siri on the line – stat! Something ain’t right here. My iPhone definitely does not need to cool down.

And I just have to chuckle. Why is the iPhone suddenly bilingual? Oh, wait. It’s more than that, as multilingual emergency-only messages are now cycling across the screen.

Photo by Linda Ann Nickerson – Nickers and Ink Creative Communications
All rights reserved

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