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Parents: Would you make a Facebook profile for your new baby or little kid?

Scores of parents are apparently creating Facebook profiles for their new babies, their toddlers, or their young children. 

Moms and Dads: Would you do this? Why or why not?

Parents interviewed by CBS CBS Pittsburgh, for example, described how they enjoy uploading photos of their children to the youngsters’ own Facebook profiles – in many cases, even before the kids are old enough to operate a computer.

“It’s easier than emailing,” one parent said.

Most often, these parent-originated Facebook pages are set for high privacy, sharing items only with family and perhaps a select group of close friends. But the stuff is still out there.

Lots of folks tag their little kids in photos on their own or loved ones’ profiles too.

Not sure this is delightful at all, but something certainly seems amiss.

Besides the simple fact of violating Facebook regulations (Currently, Facebook has a minimum age requirement of 13 years.), this practice seems to raise serious questions about personal privacy for minor children, personal security, and parental responsibility.

Anyone else find this alarming?

Maybe we should ask a few of those kids in about 10 years. Gotta wonder how a growing kid might feel about having his or her baby pictures posted on Facebook, when that youngster takes over the profile. Sure, photos and posts can be deleted, but caches and screenshots can still exist.

What about voyeurs and creepy porn producers, who prowl the internet and lift photos of children for all sorts of icky purposes?

Parents: Would you make a Facebook profile for your new baby or little kid?
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