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Dear freak, who took my photo on my run

Dear Freak in the Jacked-Up Camo Pick-Up Truck: Please delete the photo you just snapped of me on the running trail. Yeah, thanks.

Sometimes people are funny … and sometimes folks can be downright creepy.

There I was, minding my own business, plodding along in my running shoes on the running trail. Reaching the spot that parallels the road, I happened to look up, just as a jacked-up pickup truck with a do-it-yourself camouflage paint job, a dinged-up cab cover, and a gun rack in the window approached me head-on and slowed to a stop.

The driver, sporting a torn tee and a faded ball cap, leaned out the window and snapped my picture with a cell phone. Then he nodded at me and drove away.


It’s not like there was much to see. My running persona is no sight for sore eyes. In fact, it might just make eyes sore. That’s totally not the point. This was just plain weird.

Wherever you are, you one-person creep-fest, I hope you delete that photo fast. I’ve got your tag number, and I hope (for your sake) that photo never appears online or in print.

Just delete the image, so we can all go home happy. Uh, thanks.

Adapted from public domain photo

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