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Hello? What is mmm-bye?

Maybe it’s been a long day, but this expression has me baffled and maybe mmm-miffed.

I called a company to check on an order I placed earlier, and the operator signed off in this weird, but far too popular, way.

“Mmm-bye,” she said.

What’s that? Who puts a big bunch of M’s in “Goodbye”?

Maybe it’s sort of like “Mmm-kay.” And, no, it’s not OK. Not even mmm-maybe.

Mumbai is a city in India. It used to be called Bombay. It’s not a pat answer or telephone sign-off.

Mmm-no. It’s not mmm-kay. So let’s just mmm-stop it, before I have to mmm-have-a-fit.

Can I get an mmm-amen?

Adapted from public domain photo

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