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Marital dispute sends willing hubs from the yammer to the slammer?

Most people would rather get out of jail than in. But then, most folks aren’t Lawrence John Ripple of Kansas. Several major news outlets, including the Associated Press and Reuters, have reported details of the incident, which occurred this week.

Here’s the short version:

Apparently, Ripple opted for a trip to the joint, once pushed to the point. During a brig (I mean, big) argument with his wife, the 70-year-old claims he told her he’d rather go to jail than stay with such travail. (We have to wonder: Will she post his bail?)

Instead of sticking it out at home, Ripple supposedly held a stickup at a local bank. Reportedly, he handed a teller a note, saying he had a gun. No one seems to know if he actually possessed a firearm – or if he was loaded (or if he had a gun that was loaded).

Perhaps Ripple just had a pen. Or he wanted a trip to the pen.

Well, you know.

Anyway, the bank employee is said to have handed the guy a few grand.

Next, the hapless hubby cooled his heels at the bank, waiting for the police to arrest him and take him to the cooler, so to speak. He seems to have told the cops he’d opt for a trip to the big house over a trip home to his spouse.

You might say he felt so contested that he went and got himself arrested.

Last we heard, the guy was in the pound. No one is saying whether he used his one phone call. But we are willing to bet we know who he did not call.

Cue the ripple of protest here. Or not.

Maybe Ripple will sign a waiver or get out early for good behavior. Either way, he’s not likely to curry any favor with the Missus. (Maybe he already forgave her for whatever it was.)

Is there a moral to this story?

The lockup is no place to sleight home about.

William Shakespeare (1564-1616) has been cited as saying, “People usually are happiest at home.” Maybe Ripple would beg to differ.

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from widely circulated Wyandotte County Detention Center press photo
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