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Holiday game answers - Christmas carol titles undone

Did you attempt to decipher Delightfully Amiss’ Christmas carol titles undone? How did you do? How did this tricky list go over with your family, class, or party guests?

I’m guessing you are hunting for the answer key by now. 

Spoiler alert!

Do not scroll down and look at the list, unless you have already given this challenging holiday game your best try.

OK, ready?

Are you sure?

Want to check your list again? (Remember: Santa makes his list and checks it twice. OK, it's just a suggestion.)

NOTE: Feel free to print and copy the list for personal and party use. Republication or reposting (on websites, in emails, in print, or otherwise) is prohibited, as the list is original, copyrighted material.

Here are the answers:

How did you do? How many Christmas carols / holiday songs did you guess correctly? What was the top score in your group?

Created and copyrighted by LAN/Delightfully Amiss: Berzerkians Gone Amok –
and including public domain Santa clipart

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