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Holiday game - Christmas carol titles undone

Here’s a tricky and fun game for a holiday party. I worked a little wordplay with 32 well-known Christmas carols and holiday songs. 

How many of these holiday songs (both sacred & secular) do you recognize? Can you decipher the titles? In some cases, the word orders and sentence structures have been altered, although the meanings still stand. See if you and your guests (family, friends, coworkers, students, or others) can figure them out. (Example: Stuff I Treasure Most = My Favorite Things)

NOTE: Feel free to print and copy the list for personal and party use. Republication or reposting (on websites, in emails, in print, or otherwise) is prohibited, as the list is original, copyrighted material.

Work it out solo, in pairs, in trios, in teams, or as a whole group. For an extra challenge, set a timer!

The answers will appear in tomorrow’s post, here at Delightfully Amiss: Berzerkians Gone Amok.

Created and copyrighted by LAN/Delightfully Amiss: Berzerkians Gone Amok –
and including public domain Santa clipart

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