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Scary Santa masks to make kids' teeth chatter

Santa Claus is coming to town, and you’d better watch out.

The jolly old elf in the fuzzy red suit tickles children’s fancies each Christmas season, with his happy “Ho-ho-ho” and his cheery “Merry Christmas to all” chortles. 

This year, however, festive folks may find St. Nicholas considerably more fearsome.

A bunch of frightful faces are appearing all over, so it’s growing harder than ever to pick out the real Kris Kringle. Merry mayhem may ensue, as folks sport these disguises.

Maybe Halloween isn’t really over this year, after all.

Scary Santa unmasked.

First, let’s take a look at the genuine guy.

He’s a strange man from a mysterious place, located far away that cannot be placed on any verifiable world map, past or present. His secret workshop cannot even be GPSed.

He knows if kids have been naughty or nice, and he’s keeping this data on a long list.

And on Christmas Eve, he’ll fly all over the world in a stealth-like sleigh (pulled by a Comet and a Vixen) and sneak into homes everywhere to leave all sorts of unexpected packages behind.

Blame it on the reindeer? Not on your life.


Quick! Somebody call Homeland Security!

OK, the real Santa may seem somewhat suspicious, or he may be simply simpatico. Who knows?  After all, he’s St. Nick.

Who’s gonna question a guy that gives out free stuff?

Gee, did anyone ever realize that stuff is not really free, after all? Uh-oh, this is almost sounding a bit political.

We have to wonder. 

Will Santa’s sleigh fly right over the frightful fiscal cliff on New Year’s? Perhaps it will be parked at the North Pole, while the red-cheeked fellow enjoys his long winter’s nap.

Either way, the elves in the workshop will keep punching in, as long as they have jobs.

Take a look at these not-so-merry masks for Father Christmas.

These Santa masks may give holiday celebrants something to dread, after all.

Don’t worry, kids. These are merely masks. Santa’s not really so scary.

Or is he?

PC Santa

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