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Pizza Hut Perfume may just be too cheesy to make scents

I love pizza. But Santa, please don’t bother.

Honestly, I’d rather have coal in my stocking than a bottle of Pizza Hut’s new pizza-smelling perfume. Can you just imagine it?

Catch a whiff, pizza lovers.

What’s that wafting through the air, as a loved one opens a pretty little Christmas gift package? Is that really what it looks like?

Yes, it’s real, although it started as a half-baked late summer prank on Pizza Hut Canada’s Facebook page. 

But the orders started rolling in, so they whipped up a batch or two, with a promotional tie-in by the Grip Limited, their creative agency. In fact, 100 of their Facebook page fans are receiving free bottles of the pizza fragrance by mail.

Of course, they likely won’t tip the mailman for the dropoff, unless he shows up close to Christmas.

Do you smell what I smell?

Yep, that fresh-baked aroma is not coming from the oven. It’s probably coming from someone’s soft spots, or maybe even armpits. Trust me, you don’t wanna know.

Still, the idea of a pizza perfume may have merit in some parts.

It’s certainly a novel way to add a little spice to one’s date night preparations. An otherwise shy one might fancy herself to be a hot tomato after a spritz or two.

Maybe the scent of pepperoni and oregano can drown out more pungent smells. Such a product could be downright handy for a crowded city bus ride or a trip on the subway among some crusty characters.  

No one seems to know whether Pizza Hut will make any real dough with their new pizza perfume.

What’s next, following the Pizza Hut perfume?

Pizza Hut’s sister companies include Taco Bell and Kentucky Fried Chicken. Who’s got a hankering for a nacho supreme scent or extra-crispy cologne?

Maybe they ought to keep their day jobs, night jobs, or whatever - in case Pizza Hut perfume fails to deliver in time.
Pizza Hut Perfume
promo photo/fair use

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