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Beautifully Berserk Holiday Greetings #1 – Merry Melting Maiden

Christmas celebrations may be filled with merriment or mayhem. OK, maybe a little of both. But then, someone always seems to cross the line into inappropriateness, doing something superlatively silly or downright dangerous.

Oh, c’mon, now. We’ve all heard those terrifying office Christmas party stories. Sometimes, there’s just not enough therapy.

Enter the alien.

No, this isn’t some flouncy floozy, jumping out of a party cake. It’s a scary-looking damsel, birthing out of Frosty’s own belly, for crying out loud! Mrs. Santa, she's not.

Please make it stop!

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May your holiday season be warm and bright, but without all the fuss and fright.

Frosty and Raven Lady
Vintage Holiday Art – public domain
Beautifully Berzerk Holiday Greetings
Adapted from public domain clipart image

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