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This farmer's ready early for Halloween

Recreational runners spot the strangest things, plodding along a country lane.

Look what I just saw – right around the bend at mile three.

Sure, it’s a silo. But what is that thing?

Does anyone else think it looks a little haggy?  

Gotta wonder if she’s hiding any poison apples.

Hey, it was enough for me to pause for a double-take. And a quick snapshot. And it sure set Little Big Dog a-barking.

We just might have to name this old bag, if she actually is a bag. Maybe she’s just a towel or a little tarp.

Either way, she’s a tricky little treat – and a bit spooky. And it’s only August. Wonder what she’ll look like in autumn lighting.

Photo by LAN / Nickers and Ink Creative Communications
Used by permission.
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