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Is it pricey to put the pooch in the pool?

Our pampered pooch loves to swim. The pretty and peppy Border Collie/Labrador mix dog-paddles like nobody’s business.

Lately, we’ve discovered that dog swimming pools are big business.    

Here are some examples:

My daughter splurged a bit (or so we thought) and bought a molded plastic kiddy pool for about ten bucks. At first, I thought it was a silly purchase, picking up a swimming pool for the dog.

Sure, she knew enough to skip those cheap inflatable pools. After all, doggy’s got claws. But did the pup need her own pool?

“Can’t she just pick a puddle?” I asked.

“When was the last time it rained, Mom?” my pet-lover replied.

She was right. We haven’t had a super soaking rain in weeks. It's been hotter than blazes around here.

Plus, the kid ought to know about a dog’s recreational and hydration needs. Her current career is based on pet care. She’s a licensed pet care expert, with a framed certificate wall. She works with dogs every day.

We grabbed the garden hose and filled up the little pool. The dog joyfully jumped in. She rolled and splashed and shook all over.

Then the mail arrived, and my daughter’s dime-store purchase suddenly became a bargain.

Wanna know why?

Have you paged through the fanciest pet product catalogs lately?

In a move reminiscent of the perennially pricey Nieman Marcus or Bloomingdale’s Christmas catalog wish-list excesses, we recently received a direct mail catalog offering a “Canine Splash Pool.” Retailing at $139.95, this PVC pool measures 47” across and is 12” deep. 

Yes, this collapsible-sided pool has a handy drain, but is that worth draining our family resources?

Our happy dog is more than content with her $10 plastic pool, which even sports cute and colorful little fish on the bottom. The Canine Splash Pool does not. It’s plain and boring, as if my dog would care.

We can buy a lot of kibbles for $130 (the cost difference between the pools). That doesn’t include shipping costs, either.

I think my wallet is laughing.

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Dog in Kiddy Pool by Leif Skoogforsfor FEMA
US Government photo – Public Domain

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