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Morsels of Madness and More

Those batty Berserkians are at it again!

Maybe you’ve seen them, out and about. We surely have. We seem to be surrounded by 'em. Heck, we’ve even been a bit Berserkian at times. And why not?

Delightfully Amiss is here to tell their stories, to regale readers with ridiculous recollections of everyday insanity. It seems we find foibles and marvelous mishaps at every turn.

Maybe Jimmy Buffett was right.

If we weren't all crazy,
we'd just go insane.
Jimmy Buffett

So join up, ‘fess us, and enjoy the ride. It’s sure to be a boisterously bumpy one. 

What's a Berserkian? 

You'll have to stick around a while. You'll figure it out. 

Surprised Girl by Trisku
Public Domain/Wikipedia Commons Photos
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  1. I came in late, but I enjoyed it so much that I'm going back to your first post to read from the beginning! :) Visiting you from the 2014 A-to-Z Challenge. ~Susan at Haiku Corner