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Movie trailer remix begs the question: Who's afraid of Mrs. Doubtfire?

Have you seen the popular video remix, proposing a movie trailer for “Mrs. Doubtfire” as a horror flick?

Favorite and familiar scenes flash by in a strategically scattered manner, accompanied by a scary soundtrack. Even Chuckie and Freddy Krueger might cringe at the thought of such a story.

Take a look at the “Mrs. Doubtfire” remix, created by Peter Javidpour on Vimeo.


What’s so scary about Mrs. Doubtfire?

OK, so she’s actually an adult man, who answers a child care ad in the newspaper by offering a false identity. Then he puts on stage makeup and a mask, pretending to be a female nanny with a lifetime of babysitting experience, so the woman placing the ad will agree to leave him alone with her children.

Oh, wait. Those are his own kids. Does that make it alright?

This, of course, happens after a judge limits the man's access to his children. The verdict follows the father’s hosting of a raucous party in the family home, complete with loud music and noisy farm animals.

In the actual 1993 20th Century Fox film, this character lobs a piece of fruit at Pierce Brosnan, while leering at a young woman in a bikini. In his male form, he also plays with toy dinosaurs, talking to the plastic figurines and himself. Later, in his nanny get-up, s/he offers personal advice to children in his/her own TV show.

But, c’mon. we all know it’s Robin Williams, so we accept it in fun.

Even the weird, cartoonish latex mask, flattened by a city bus, makes us chortle. We’re in on the joke, after all.

Maybe the new horror film remix is scarier than the original story. Maybe not.

Actually, I loved the original film. I can’t even count the number of times we’ve watched “Mrs. Doubtfire,” on cable or DVD. And we were never scared, except perhaps at the raucous laughter of those watching it with us … or ourselves.

Who’s scared now?

So maybe Javidpour had a little fun with the footage. Why not?
“Mrs. Doubtfire” – movie screenshot
Fair Use

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