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Best beware of ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ ... or die laughing

This cartoonish safety video is either mortally merry or simply silly. It's like watching a train wreck - you can't stand it, but you cannot turn away.

Daredevils, beware.

Metro Trains of Melbourne, Australia, hired their advertising agency-of-record, McCann, to produce an educational video promoting railroad safety. The creative agency staffers developed a cartoon campaign, tagged as "Dumb Ways to Die," that launched in early 2011.

A subsequent music video appeared online in November 2012 and went viral. The song, performed by someone called Tangerine Kitty, hit the Top 10 on the iTunes chart.

Wait till you hear it, if you haven’t already found the song stamped indelibly into your memory. (If you have preteens or teens in the home, this is likely already the case.)

The Dumb Ways to Die website spells out the stated intent of the video.

Most people don’t like being told what to do. But if you can download this song and share it with your friends, they’ll be able to discover for themselves a few simple ways to avoid premature death. The more people that watch the video or listen to the song, the less [sic] accidents we’ll have and the happier we’ll be.

Watch “Dumb Ways to Die,” and try not to laugh. We dare you.


Sure, safety is no laughing matter. Or is it?

Now, be careful when you visit a train station in Melbourne, Australia, or any other spot. Look out for Super Glue and Rattlesnakes. Don’t try to bait Piranhas with your privates. Never hide in the dryer. And look out for trains.

After all, there are many, many dumb ways to die  … especially of laughter.

Dumb Ways to Die
By Melbourne Trains Australia/McCann
Video Screenshot – Fair Use

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  1. Hahaha.. I love this game.
    Yup, Dumb Ways To Die is very frustating and complicated game for me.
    Do you know how to solve the astronout with his helmet?
    Please tell me. Thanks.