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Caption Contest: Guess Who I Met at the Beach

You meet the strangest people at the beach.

C’mon. You know it’s true. Sure, odd folks may frequent train stations, airports, shopping malls, and county fairs. But the beach tops ‘em all for weirdness.

Maybe it’s because we’re all hanging out in swimsuits, with everything sort of hanging out all over.

Look who I met last week, while walking on a Florida beach.

A man was sculpting this creature carefully, as his wife observed his handiwork. Based on the intensity of their suntans, I’d have to guess they’d been at the beach for weeks.

I wondered how long he’d been working on his life-sized masterpiece in the sand. (Check out the seaweed hair and shell eyes.)

As I stopped to marvel at the site, I had to ask the creative beach sand art craftsman if he would mind my snapping a photo.

Who wants to give the guy a name?

Does he remind you of anyone?

Points and kudos to the best caption. (You'll know who you are.)

Beach Buddy
Photo copyrighted by Linda Ann Nickerson
Nickers and Ink Creative Communications
All Rights Reserved.

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