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Does ‘Get the Guy’ viral kids' dating video bring hints or heckles?

"Get the Guy: Kids Talk Dating Problems" is becoming a viral video with more than half a million views in a couple of days.

Is it side-splitting schtick or screwball strangeness? Maybe the idea just silly. Possibly it’s truly sick. Or perhaps it’s a sign of the times.

“I just don’t get it,” a little girl says. “Yesterday, he picked me twice in ‘Duck-Duck-Goose.’ Today, when we were coloring, he wouldn’t even look at me.”

“Maggie,” counters her seemingly sophisticated classmate, “You are a beautiful, strong-willed, independent girl. And if Johnny doesn’t see that, it’s his loss.”

Is this first grade or freshman study hall?

The video appears to be a promotion for an upcoming dating book by Matthew Hussey, billed online as a life coach and strategist. Hussey is the author of Get the Guy: Learn Secrets of the Male Mind to Find the Man You Want and the Love You Deserve. The 272-page how-to book, published by HarperWave, is scheduled for an April 9, 2013, release in hardcover and Kindle editions.

Hussey appears as the television matchmaker on NBC’s new dating and love connection series, “Ready for Love.”

Of course, this two-minute video may have parents arguing that early elementary school students are most certainly not ready for love, as the video suggests in a stab at humor.

Take a look at “Get the Guy: Kids Talk Dating Problems,” posted on YouTube on March 26 by Matthew Hussey.


What’s your take on this tactic?

Is it sweet, sassy or simply scandalous? Cute or creepy? Adorable or deplorable?
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