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Dumb crook hands stolen ID to waitress/actual owner

Applebee’s waitress Brianna Priddy lost her wallet on the town on February 13. She probably never thought she’d see her Colorado driver’s license again. But she did, when an Appleby’s customer tried to pan it off as her own.

Crime-buster and Colorado Appleby's waitress Brianna Priddy
It sounds like a bad joke.

Four people walk into a bar. They order a few drinks. And one hands her fake ID to the waitress, who actually happens to be the genuine owner of that ID.


Yes, this actually happened in Lakewood, Colorado, on February 25.

You’ve gotta see this newsreel from Colorado’s 9 News.


That’s right. A 26-year-old customer handed Priddy her own license, with her pretty face peeking up from the card. Without missing a beat, Priddy handed the Applebee’s patron back the ID card and went to fetch the ordered drinks.

Only she didn’t.

Instead, the 24-year-old waitress called the police, offering them a big tip.

The local cops arrived and apprehended the errant customer. They found narcotics in her purse. The woman, dubbed a “dumb criminal” by at least one local authority, faces felony charges if criminal impersonation, identity theft, and theft.

Priddy may never see her stolen cash or credit cards again. Let’s hope the other three customers at the table left her a generous gratuity.
Video Screenshot – Fair Use

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