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28 Day of Thanks – Brakes

I’m abundantly grateful that we live in a relatively low traffic area. Driving on congested roads is not something I have to face on a daily basis. Honestly, even during road construction season (which is more than half the year), our traffic tie-ups aren’t all that terrible. Sure, we may have to slow down for a stretch, but we are seldom slammed to a total standstill.

It’s easy to forget what a blessing this is – until I have to go somewhere jammed up. Yesterday was just such an occasion. Driving to the city for an appointment, I cruised around a bend in the highway, enjoying the scenery and the radio. Then I saw it – the seemingly endless line of brake lights up ahead. Red eyes blinked at me for as far as I could see, with commuters playing lane-change zig-zag bumper cars.

I hit the brakes and sighed. Then I grabbed a tiny opening between rumbling right-lane trucks and veered over to catch the upcoming exit and make my way to town on back roads. And I admit it. At first, I groaned over the traffic jam. I switched the radio to the AM news station for a road report and discovered the multi-mile tie-up resulted from gapers slowing to view an accident.

At least, I wasn’t in the crash, or even the subsequent gawking drivers’ near misses.

So I am thankful, even if I arrived a little late this time.

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