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28 Day of Thanks – Deliveries

It came! It finally came! The holiday order arrived. (Let’s just say I found a new way to sweat the details of the holiday season.)

At first, I thought I was pretty smart about it. Making my way to the checkout area of a local Old Navy store a couple of weeks ago, I was surprised to count 31 shoppers ahead of me. No way!

I laid out my intended purchases on a sale table and snapped a photo with my cell phone. Then I put the stuff back and went home to order it all online. In the process, I found a 30% off code. So that was handy. And they offered free shipping. Ding! Bonus!

I scratched three people off my Christmas list in one flurry and began waiting for the packages to arrive.

Two weeks later (I believe I mentioned that, but it bears repeating.), I waded through the merchant’s online customer service holiday quagmire, listening to horrendous canned music and hoping to pinpoint the expected delivery dates for the now-split shipments.

The cheery, but not particularly plugged-in, phone rep (once I finally landed a live person on the line) parroted the shipping information I had already personally tracked online. He promised my stuff would arrive by December 24th.

That didn’t comfort me much, as several items were due for a December 20th celebration. That’s pretty much why I ordered them on “December Freaking 8th.”

That conversation took place last night. Today, a large parcel arrived. Most of the items were included. Still, short of a big brown truck or a team of reindeer making an overnight stop at my house tonight, a certain sweet little girl may be receiving a darling new dress for New Year’s … or Valentine’s Day … or … or ….

Despite the shipping delays, I am grateful for online ordering and home delivery, especially as I am sporting a dandy little arm cast for this holiday season. It’s nice that I don’t have to load up the sleigh in shopping mall parking lots.

Now, if I could just find some nimble elves to help this one-armed Santa with the gift wrapping.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from Delightfully Amiss.

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