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28 Day of Thanks – Holiday fashions

Holiday fashions are fun. Mostly, they’re just plain funny. And I’m not just talking about the Ugly Christmas Sweater craze or the glitzy holiday blinged-out apparel folks like to wear to prance about from Thanksgiving to New Years.

Personally, I enjoy dressing up during the holiday season. Sure, I’ve stepped away from shiny blouses, velvet dresses, and sweaters or turtlenecks bearing appliques or pictures of Christmas cuteness. But I love red and green and classic spiffiness.  

This year, however, it seems a new fad has taken hold. People are having holiday pajama parties. It’s a THING. From special-interest club gatherings to work parties to family get-togethers, PJs are all the rage. Or so I’ve been told.

We’re going to just such a fete in a bit. And I am truly torn. I love my comfy PJs. I even have jam pants in red-and-green plaid. But I am not sure they are just the ticket for a festive holiday event. What if we have car trouble along the way?

And I am pretty sure there are one or two folks on the guest list that ought not to wear PJs out and about. Nope, not ever. And I’m not naming names.

Sure, fuzzy feetie pajamas are adorable on little kids. Pretty nightshirts and matching family PJs are fun at home, while children are still small. But for an extended family gathering or a group of colleagues? I just gotta wonder. This trend may not be exactly the cat’s pajamas. And after a nightcap or two? Well …

Maybe Ugly Christmas Sweaters weren’t so bad, after all. Let’s bring back holiday fashions – before Santa puts us all on the OTHER list. (That’s right. You know the one I mean.)

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