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Better late than ... well, you know

My Blogger friend Lisa (at Life of Lisa) perhaps inadvertently introduced me to a peppy (and increasingly fit) blogger named Kenlie (at All the Weigh). Check ‘em out for fun reads.

Kenlie offers a Monday meme, called Friend Makin' Mondays. (See logo/graphic link - below.) I just found the July 16th prompt, so I’m jumping in a little late. Hey, as a Berzerkian, I’m entitled to a little procrastination now and then.

Here’s the deal, if you’d like to play along. 

Just copy the bolded sentence introductions on your own blog, and fill in the rest. Be sure to link to All the Weigh, and try to read some of the others’ posts (and comment), if you can. Hey, commenting gives you a chance to put your own blog link out there too!

How to Leave Online Comments that Count - Whether online comments agree or disagree with an author's premise, they let writers know that real people are reading what they have written and published. What are the most constructive ways to comment on online content?

Warning: This post represents something of a departure from the normal (or abnormal, depending upon your perspective) Delightfully Amiss posts. Stick around (or even sign up to FOLLOW this site), and you’ll see what I mean.

Finish the Sentence
I like…deadlines. I know. That sounds scary.
I don’t like… bugs.
I am… sort of a perfectionist, I guess. But not perfectly so.
I love… summer.
I dream of… rain. Hey, hay prices are heading in a crazy direction, and my garden is in mourning.
I wonder… if I’ll ever write that book. (“What book?” you ask.)
I know… way too much about migraines, which are a brain drain, a pain in the neck, and a full-body nightmare.
I went… to the Animal Fair. The birds and the beasts were there. Oh, sorry. Was I just carried away for a moment? That must be the Excedrin talking.
I have… more books than shelves.
I think… best when I am trying to sleep.
I plan… my days, but then I am always surprised.
I regret… having regrets.
I do… more than I should.
I drink…less than I should (Figure that out, if you can. OK, I am a bit dehydrated in the summer heat.)
I wish… I were 25 again.
I am… a bit older than 25, but not telling.
I am not… every gonna finish all of those half-started craft projects stashed around the house.
I need… a shower.
I hope… for the future. Yep, I’m a half-full sort, most of the time.
I want… to drop a few pounds. OK, maybe more than a few.
I sometimes… forget where I put my reminder list, my cell phone, my car keys, or other stuff.
I always… wake up far too early. Blame the pillow slammer. (That’ll be another post one day.)
I can… hardly wait for Mondays. (Ask any self-employed mom with an off-the-charts Type A counterpart.)
I cannot…seem to curb those late-night salty-crunchy cravings. Who’s with me?
I will… try to come up with more intriguing answers on the next Friend Makin' Mondays post.
Now … try it yourself! Or jump in on Monday, when the next meme installment begins.
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