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Occasionally people are still honest ... I think.

Columnists carp about crooks in Congress. Buyers and sellers bemoan a dearth of ethics in the marketplace.

Does it feel like everyone’s complaining about rip-offs?

Not everyone.

I just discovered that someone honest lives in our city. OK, I have no idea who it is, but such a person surely exists.

Here’s what happened when the cop pulled up.      

I was sitting at my desk today and glanced out the window, as a police squad car drove around our circle two times, then three. Finally, the car stopped in my driveway.

Puzzled, I stepped outside to greet the officer. She cited my teen's name and asked if I knew where to find her. I said I was pretty sure she was upstairs asleep.

OK. It was 8:30 a.m. on a July morning with no summer school today

But the all-business county deputy had me wondering: What was up?

“Did your daughter lose her wallet last night?” the officer queried.

She had me on that one. My teen did not mention her wallet when she came through the door just before her curfew.

And I did not happen to mention to the law enforcement professional that my daughter must have inadvertently driven home without her license. I wonder if that might have been a ticket-worthy offense.

Maybe that’s beside the point.

Apparently, as the officer explained, someone turned in my kid's wallet downtown and asked me to rouse the nocturnal creature. (That's not how she phrased it, but you get the picture.)

I raced up the stairs and pounded on my kid’s bedroom door.

“There’s a police officer here who says they found your wallet downtown. Did you lose it?” I asked.

A muffled and sleep-addled voice answered. “Uh, maybe.”

“Would you come downstairs now and talk with her?”

“OK, I guess.”


We'll be heading to the county safety HQ shortly to pick up the lost billfold. My daughter suggested that her wallet may have fallen out of the car when she and her friends climbed out at the park last evening.

Thank you to the mysterious and honest stranger, who found the wallet and turned it in!

My kid's new driver's license, Six Flags pass, and even a few birthday gift cards were still inside it. We’re waiting to count the cash too – to calculate exactly how honest my daughter’s honest benefactor may actually be.

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  1. Hope you got it all back- cash included! Great news when people do what's right.