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Give up the Gamer Greetings, please!

Oh, golly.

My Facebook notifications list is filled with invitations again for games I do not play.

I may gather a few games of Words with Friends. (Hey, I'm a writer. Words 'R Us, as they say.) But I don't play cafe, dragon, farm,  knight, pony, vampire, or other virtual games.

Please cease and desist, if you're sending 'em. I block virtually every new virtual game that shows up in my feed.

Got it?  Go ahead. Greet me. Be garrulous, or even gabby, if you wish. But please, no games!

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1 comment:

  1. I used to accept some of them, but now I never do. I'm so sick of em. At least I can block them without blocking the person. :)

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