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Boo. It’s Bat-Boy.

Best beware, if you’re bouncing off to the beach. It might be hard to catch sight of this kid without batting an eye. 

No need to batten down the hatches.

Halloween is several months away. You might expect to see such a face at that time. You could even spot a similar getup in a local running race. But at the beach? This is a little bewildering.

Boy, I’ll bet it’s a little hot inside that molded mask, especially if the weather is warm enough for wearing a bathing suit.

Somebody pick up the Bat-phone.

Looks like there’s some crime-fighting to be done. But I’m not sure how Bat-Boy will battle bad guys without his cape and his utility belt.

And, sorry. I gotta ask. “Where’s Robin, the Boy Wonder?”

Vintage photo – public domain
Series logo – adapted by this user from public domain artwork

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