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Crabby? Not exactly.

Calling all critter-lovers. Sure, calisthenics can be crucial, but c’mon, now. Do crustaceans really need to crawl on concrete?

This kooky picture, snapped way before computerized photo editing was created, may leave you crawling for cover.

Vintage image / public domain

Me? I’m allergic to shellfish.

Just for good measure, I’ll clip a leash on my canine’s collar and take her for a cruise, just because we can. And it’s good to step out of our shells regularly.

Vintage photo – public domain
Series logo – adapted by this user from public domain artwork

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  1. feels good to see unedited non digital pics

  2. haha! what a fun and kooky photo. Love seeing folks walking their pet pigs too. :)
    Joy @ The Joyous Living