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Glamour girls (and gents) at the gym

Gosh. It’s Gloria again, gallivanting around the gym equipment with her well-groomed hair and great getup. How many reps has she done? A great big goose-egg.

Girls like this give me the giggles. Guys too. Sure, they look good, as the real exercisers gaze about the place.

Vintage image / public domain

Golly. There’s Greg. He’s preening and prancing in his perfectly matched workout wear. He’s been here an hour and has yet to break a sweat.

The rest of us are huffing and puffing and steaming and sweating … and gaining ground towards our personal fitness goals. We may not look so great along the way, but we have to say we’re feeling pretty grand about the whole deal.

Giddy-up, Gloria. Go get it done.

Vintage photo – public domain
Series logo – adapted by this user from public domain artwork
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