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Liberty's equal opportunity wavers are unwavering

Lady Liberty seems to be everywhere these days. Maybe you’ve seen her, waving eagerly from sidewalks across the United States.

Liberty Tax, as they are wont to do each year for tax season, has hired wavers to beckon motorists to visit their offices for assistance with income tax filings. They call their green-clad and spike-crowned mascot Libby, referring to the Statue of Liberty, our nation's famous statuesque figure towering over New York’s Staten Island.

Yes, I’ve seen Lady Liberty all over the place, from Tampa to Tomahawk. Only she’s no lady. At least, not where I’ve seen her. And she won’t stand still, either.

Look closer.

Lots of those Libbies oughta be called Larry, Louie, Leroy, or Lenny.

(Yeah, I picked out a few pictures, instead of leaning out the car window to snap ‘em myself. What do you think I am, a statue-stalker?)

OK, I’m all for equal opportunity employment and all that.

But I nearly went off the road with a couple of these surprise sightings. And these lovely lady we are all so happy to see on our IRS refund checks, if we are lucky enough to receive them.

(Gee, maybe that's truth in advertising, after all.)

What’s more, a few of the Lady Liberty look-alikes I’ve seen have tried to flag down drivers, but they’re not waving Old Glory – just paper placards.

Do I need to sign a waiver to call off the Liberty wavers? And where’s David Copperfield when we need him?
Liberty Tax Wavers – screenshots – fair use
Lady Liberty on US Treasure Check
US Government Photo - public domain

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