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25 Cringe-Worthy Christmas Songs: #23

Unless you are in kindergarten, or fully entrenched in this delightful stage of childhood with a cherished youngster, this little ditty might just set your teeth on edge.

With all apologies to the late great Rosemary Clooney (and her Hollywood icon nephew, George Clooney), here’s #23 in my Cringe-Worthy Christmas Songs countdown.

Don’t be a flake. Give it a listen.


See? Now Suzy Snowflake is whirling around in your brain today too. (Sorry ‘bout that.).

Hey, at least it’s not Barney the Dinosaur, singing the same song:



(Oh, no! Not a Barney bonus!)

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  1. Yes I could cringe at this version, but only because THIS version is so dear to my sentimental heart.