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25 Cringe-Worthy Christmas Songs: #25

I love Christmas music – mostly. I treasure the familiar holiday songs from childhood, and I adore the sacred carols. But some seasonal tunes make me wanna deck the halls with more than pretty decorations. 

When those picks hit the airwaves, I know a Yuletide york may not be far behind.

So here we go. Let’s take a look – and a listen.

Here begins a countdown of 25 Cringe-Worthy Christmas Songs. Agree or disagree – there’s no accounting for taste.

But I want to apologize right from the start, as these annoying songs are likely to stick in your head for a while, as they do in mine.

Aaaaargh! And away we go-o-o-o!

Cover your ears. Here comes #25 in Delightfully Amiss’ countdown of 25 Cringe-Worthy Christmas Songs.


Honestly, I’m a long-time McCartney fan. But this one makes me want to take Maxwell’s Silver Hammer and hit myself in the head.

Ding-dong! Ding-dong!

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  1. Oh yeah. As soon as I heard the opening bars the cringing began. Do you have a blog of mind clearing music? You could make millions by providing proper antidotal songs!