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Color me crazy: Signing on for the 100 Days of Miles Challenge

Oh, boy. Now I’ve really done it. Only I wonder if I can really do it.

I just signed on for the 100 Days of Miles Challenge.

This year-long event, initiated by ILovetoRun, is aimed at motivating runners to stick with it for the whole year, in pleasant weather and less-than-ideal conditions as well.

There’s even a 100 Days of Miles Challenge Facebook page.

The rules of the 100 Days of Miles Challenge are pretty simple.

1. Never go three days without running.
2. Run at least three days per week - at least one mile each time.
3. Never miss a Monday.
4. Never give up.

Participants do not have to run 100 days in a row. The idea is to run 100 out of the 365 days in 2014.

They’re not giving out any awards or medals or athletic equipment sponsorships. It’s just for fun and personal reward. But why not?

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Maybe the 100 Days of Miles Challenge is doable, after all.

Of course, the temperature is supposed to drop below zero next Monday in Wisconsin. Wonder if I can run laps inside my house?

It's a good thing this doesn't start till January 1st. Do we dare hope the mercury will rise by then?

I’m in – for the 100 Days of Miles Challenge. Are you?


100 Days of Miles Challenge

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  1. Good luck with your challenge! How long do you have to run each day?

  2. Update? How far have you made it? :) Visiting you from the A-to-Z Challenge. ~Susan at Haiku Corner