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28 Day of Thanks – Pajamas

True confession: There is at least one thing I really love about winter. Nope, it’s not the blustery storms, the blowing snow, or the blistering wind chills.

It’s climbing into cozy flannel pajamas, once I know I am home for the night, and staying in them as long as possible in the morning. Sure, most mornings call for early dressing to dart out the door. But weekend mornings… ah. Fuzzy flannel fabulousness.

Flannel PJs are baggy and bulky and frumpy and awesome. In fact, I've been known to pick up jam pants in the men's department, mostly because they come with pockets. (Did you know pajamas are sexist? That's right. Ladies' PJs don't usually have pockets. So where are we supposed to stash our cell phones?)

Color me thankful - probably in plaid.

Vintage/public domain artwork

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