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28 Days of Thanks – Yardwork

Old Man Winter is just around the corner, some say, despite the beautiful and balmy fall we have enjoyed. So, just in the nick of time, I did a whirlwind of yardwork this weekend.

I finally removed all the now-gasping plants from my patio planters and stowed the pots for next spring. I chopped the plants down to their base stems and planted them in the garden, just in case they can still take and come back after the winter is over.

I whisked through the yard and did a final and aggressive deadheading of essentially anything that was left.

Finally, I got out the leaf blower and power-swept the porch, patio, garage, driveway, and the rest of the place.

Guess we’re ready. It won’t be long till we put up the lighted wire snowman, hang the holiday wreath on the door, and stick the “Santa, Stop here!” sign by the front step.

Weather reports tell us our extra summer is coming to an end this week. Maybe it’s time to stow the lightweight jackets and pull out the parkas. And I guess I’ve gotta sock away the sandals and sort out the snow boots.

Here we go!

But color me thankful, just because. It was a joy to wrap up the season’s yardwork on a gorgeous sunny day.

Vintage/public domain artwork

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