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28 Day of Thanks – Medical tests

Medical testing can be stressful and unpleasant. Some such activities may invade our privacy in some embarrassing ways. Some procedures are even painful.

But I am grateful for recent medical testing.

My overall appreciation quotient is boosted by every good report I receive from medical test results. An MRI that shows no marked change over several years is cause for celebration. A mammogram that proves to be normal is reason for gratitude.And dental xrays showing no cavities are worth a fair amount of jubilation.

Now I am waiting for a biopsy report. It’s a follow-up, as a strange spot was discovered during an exam. This could mean a carcinoma has returned in a new spot. Or it might mean nothing of the sort.

Still, I am relieved to have the opportunity to find out for sure – especially at an early stage. And I am waiting for a good report. Color me thankful, and even more so in a couple of weeks, when the lab results are available.

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