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28 Days of Thanks – Boots

Footwear may sound like a trivial thing, but it’s not. Boots are a fall favorite. There’s something almost magical about packing up the flip-flops, sandals, and espadrilles and pulling out the boots.

I even enjoy polishing my boots to prepare them for several months of fall, winter, and early spring wearing. It’s like a fall ritual for me. I dig out the saddle soap and leather conditioner and go to it.

It almost makes the imminent onset of colder weather bearable, if it means we can wear our favorite dress boots, cowboy boots, jean boots, fleece boots, or other boot favorites about town again. (I am something of a boot-aholic. I’ve scooped up more than a couple of pairs of rockin’ boots for a song online. Some people collect teacups or trinkets. You know.)

OK, sign me thankful again.

Adapted from public domain artwork

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