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28 Day of Thanks – Snow shoveling heroes

Heroes come in all sorts. This weekend, ours will show up in flannels, fleeces, and insulated Carhartt bibs. And they will carry snow shovels.

For years, we have been privileged to hire a group of great brothers down the street to dig us out of every blizzard and flurry. At the first sign of snow, these guys pull on their snow boots and winter work gloves and march up the street to our aid.

This is an amazing family with a seemingly never-ending supply of strong sons, and these guys are all Eagle scouts. They know their way around a snow blower and can wield shovels like nobody’s business.

Sure, I’ll pick up a shovel and carve out a pathway in a pinch. (Hey, I wouldn’t want to miss a mail delivery or anything, and it’s a great way to burn some calories.) But these kids clear the entire driveway in a flash.

Bring it on, Old Man Winter. We’ve got a crew that’s loaded for bear ... and we are grateful.

Vintage/public domain artwork

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