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28 Day of Thanks – Tea

C’mon now. I cannot stand coffee. And, right about this time of year, folks crow more than ever about flavored coffees, coffee socials, holiday coffees, and all the rest.

I gotta say it. To me, coffee tastes like what I imagine steeped burned tobacco might be, if one were to drink it. Ugh.

But I am all for a little caffeine blast, especially after a less-than-perfect night’s sleep and before a particularly busy day. So I sip tea.

I’m not really into all the exotic herbal teas. (OK, I like a few of those, but not many and not the weird ones. You know the ones I mean.) Besides, those don’t carry any caffeine. That sort of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

And my tea need not come in a fancy china cup with a saucer. A sturdy mug will do nicely.

But a good old-fashioned English Breakfast Tea can rock my morning. Except I don’t go for milk or cream in my tea. Perish the thought. Just pass a wedge of lemon and a spoonful of sugar, would you, please?

One might say it is simply my cup of …. Well, you know.

Precisely so. Cheerio, and color me thankful.

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